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Predictions for 2017

2016 is now over and the new year has begun. It’s a great time to reflect on the past and also make predictions for the future. Technology, world events and software engineering tend to affect me the most these days. Why not take a fun guess at what 2017 has in store.

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Lost Answer and How it Happened.

First, no they did not die in the plane crash. You can cue that into the statement by Hurley at the end, something to Ben of you were a great number two, etc. They lived, the island WAS just what Jacob said it was, it mattered. It was the ‘plug’ in ‘hell’ and if the light were removed, the ‘plug’ would come unstuck and the real world would cease to exist. However, they each had such a profound effect on each other on the island, they waited for each other in their ‘flash sideways’ world, which was just an imagination of reality until they moved on. Kate, Sawyer, and the rest on the plane did get off the island and lead their new lives. Sure there are questions… like Aaron… never ‘born’. Walt, who is so special, and has no father or mother now. The list could go on. But, I think it somewhat makes more sense now.

Announcing jSuite!

Ok, so over the past few months I have been working on a nice little package that I am calling jSuite. jSuite is a JavaScript library that utilizes much of the the jQuery UI platform. But it takes it one step further. It is also using some YUI CSS files for resetting, fonts, etc. Not just that it drops in the 960.css grid for the overall layout of the page. And to make matters better, it has a PNG fix built in for IE 6. And if you think that is just too much… it also has a built in debugger that uses firebug. But wait, it has a standalone firebug installation that allows it to work on IE6 and IE7! So you can use the debugger like you would in firebug to see the console, but in IE. There is much to do with it, but it’s pretty stable. I don’t have all of my notes ready for the site and documentation, but for early grabs check here…


The code is all up and should be working… there is a test.html that I am turning into a full working demo. Much work is still in the works with it, and I have to upgrade to jQuery 1.3 now!

Bamboo Gone Wild: TiddlyWiki Theme

I wanted to post this for others, since I really liked making it for my personal use. I am sure many others will like it too!

A nice Screenshot of a Tiddly Wiki Theme called Bamboo Gone Wild

Of course you can Download it here!

Introduction: From Me

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them

- Isaac Asimov

I’m a computer guy. I grew up thinking they were cool, and now I have come to appreciate them more, because they are a source of income now. I do web design, development, server stuff, troubleshooting things, etc. Because of this, I run into a lot of problems that have to be solved. But, more often then not, I find that I have to solve them on my own, without GOOG’s help. So I have decided to turn to the internet, to pass on my information as I get it. Hopefully it will help out more out there… and they can in turn help me with issues I may have.