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Creating a Sticky Header with Bulma CSS

Bulma CSS is a library that uses the flex standard to create modern layouts. One thing that is does well is to allow extension of the library by defining some common rules to follow. A pattern that happens quite a bit is to have a ‘footer’ of content that is at the bottom of a page no matter how little content is on the page but will scroll below the content if there is more than one screen’s worth.

Some calls this a ‘sticky’ footer (not to be confused with ‘fixed’).

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Sharing SSH With WSL

The WSL on Windows 10 is a new tool to run Linux commands and Linux dristibutions. More to the point, Windows finally has a mostly working bash environment that works with the CLI tools developers have embraced. Just like any tool that is of use, some things must be done to set them up appropriately. Sharing SSH keys is one of those things that you need to setup to use effectively.

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ES6 Module Gotchas

Updated for 2018

Now that ES6 has a finalized module definition (Right now still in draft phase Out of draft phase! And some new ones coming.), I’ve gone through and found some of the things that stick out to me as ‘need to knows’. It’s helpful to keep these few things in mind when working with the new module syntax.

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Remove a directory that is not empty in NodeJS

A quick pro-tip for handling this situation.

NodeJS provides an easy to use fs.rmdir command that follows the POSIX standard. This unfortunately means that it will error ENOTEMPTY if there is any file in the directory you are attempting to remove. NodeJS doesn’t have an easy way to force the removal, so you have to get fancy.

By far, the easiest, safest and most cross environment approach is to use rimraf whose source code shows nearly 250 lines of premium quality work.

It’s 2018, use del.

Or if you must, try trash. It’s really neat too.

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Cross platform symlinks

Why a symlink

Many times when working with hosting apps, there comes a time or a need to have certain code in more than one place at the same time. To accomplish this, a ‘symlink’ can be used. For example, a basic NGinx or Apache server will have a path to host files on like /var/www/my-site/. It would not be recommended to have the code exist within that path directly though, as that would create a lot of complications when attempting to do simple updates or roll back code quickly. It’s much easier in this simple case to have /home/user/code/v1/ also be /var/www/my-site so when v2 is created, it can now be /var/www/my-site instead of v1. Symlinks allow for this, and are the preferred mechanism.

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