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Week 5 Reading Roundup

This week was very light on the reading. Much work getting done and a lot of distractions. However, quality over quantity for sure.

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Deploying Hexo with Rsync over SSH on WSL

This is a hexo driven blog. For the last few years, the deployment has been something that has been done in Docker with Gitlab CI integration. However, my Gitlab setup has been having aggravating issues with its base operating system (Catalina…). So in the mean time I had to fall back on something I’ve used since nearly Day 0 in my web development. I remember when I was using FTP in the last 90s to upload content to a website and having read up on Rysnc. It was so different that it felt impossible. However, it has easily become the workhorse tool over the years.

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Week 4 Reading Roundup

Each week I find myself reading a lot of interesting articles online. This is from many valuable sources that I have followed. This post is a roundup of what I have read this week and anything that I have taken away from the material I found valuable.

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Upgrading LetsEncrypt Certificates for Ghost

A self-hosted Ghost blog can and should be using HTTPS encryption. One of the nice things about Ghost is that it automates the management of the certificates needed for HTTPS by using LetsEncrypt. However, recent updates in the last year have broken this automation.

Running into this means seeing a dreaded 'This site is not who they say they are' page!

Luckily there is an easy fix to make sure that not only are the certificates still valid and but also the site is using latest versions of the update software.

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Updating Certbot on Ubuntu for ACMEv2 Upgrades

What to do when you get this email

You may have seen this message.
An email from LetsEncrypt showing that a current certbot in use is using the out of date ACMEv1 protocol and needs to be updated.

If the services you are using are not using certbot then it’s unlikely the rest will help fix this issue. What you should see with the command below is that the version that is installed is less than the candidate version. This means that it’s important to move to the latest version. Ubuntu has a latest version at the time of this recording of 0.27.0### while a service in use from the last couple of years may have the 0.23.0### version (like in the output below). Getting the latest version will also push the services onto the latest ACME v2 protocol.

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