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How To: Converting PDF to Word and HTML

I started this little project because I have a client whom needs to get his 24 page PDF online. The problem is that a 24 page PDF with all the bells and whistles ends up being over 5mb in size. This causes issues for people running sub-cable internet connections, as the loading time becomes horrendous. So to solve the problem, I am going to run the PDF as a download by choice and have all the links point to the HTML converted page when they click on what page they want to see. This does cause problems if something is updated on the PDF, the HTML is not dynamic or binded to the PDF so an update will have to occur in both places. The only way around that is to have the HTML being the origionating source and have the ‘download as pdf’ link be a call to a server side script that packages the HTML as a PDF. That however is too much for what this client needs and the issues with the updating will have to be taken in stride.

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-Tim Berners-Lee

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