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Announcing jSuite!

Ok, so over the past few months I have been working on a nice little package that I am calling jSuite. jSuite is a JavaScript library that utilizes much of the the jQuery UI platform. But it takes it one step further. It is also using some YUI CSS files for resetting, fonts, etc. Not just that it drops in the 960.css grid for the overall layout of the page. And to make matters better, it has a PNG fix built in for IE 6. And if you think that is just too much… it also has a built in debugger that uses firebug. But wait, it has a standalone firebug installation that allows it to work on IE6 and IE7! So you can use the debugger like you would in firebug to see the console, but in IE. There is much to do with it, but it’s pretty stable. I don’t have all of my notes ready for the site and documentation, but for early grabs check here…


The code is all up and should be working… there is a test.html that I am turning into a full working demo. Much work is still in the works with it, and I have to upgrade to jQuery 1.3 now!

Bamboo Gone Wild: TiddlyWiki Theme

I wanted to post this for others, since I really liked making it for my personal use. I am sure many others will like it too!

A nice Screenshot of a Tiddly Wiki Theme called Bamboo Gone Wild

Of course you can Download it here!

JavaScript / PHP - Source Documentor for JavaScript

I’ve begun putting together an idea for a PHP program that will document JavaScript. In the general sense, it will need to have a good lexical analyzer because it need to understand the syntax and the buildup and creation of the functions and classes. I’m going to outline some goals that are needed for me to use a program like this.


  1. Must be autonomous
  2. Must be able to Add/Edit Comments, without having to directly change the source files
  3. Must contain revision controls
  4. Display of the output must be adaptable easily
  5. Must contain an API to access from “afar”
    With those five initial setups, I think I will start to build some thought expirements to figure out exactly what I am talking about. Should I implement SVN into it? ScriptDoc formats? JavaScript engine for analyzing? Lots of different things.

Come back to this post for more info later. I’m going to search out other programs that implement some of these things to figure out if there are any.

Help appreciated :)