The new Digg, V4: Quick Review

I’m a reader of What can I say? I like to hear the quirky stories sometimes and when I come across something intelligent, it makes me feel more like I’m learning. So when the new Digg was dropped into Beta testing, you bet that I was all over that. See some screen-shots after the jump.

Logging In

The new Digg can be viewed by going to which drops you into a pretty nice looking log in screen.

[gallery link=”file” columns=”5”]


The first time you log in, it has a really easy to follow setup that asks some basic questions for you to connect to other social sites. I connected them all; Twitter,Google and Facebook.

Apparently not a single friend of mine is currently using Digg V4, no surprise there!


Digg is setting itself up in a very good way. They are re-inventing themselves with this idea. Before, you could only get Diggs via categories like Top Ten, Technology, etc. or you could find users and view the Diggs that they Dugg. But now, it is being setup so that you control your Digg feed, according to those users that you Digg. In which you can then Digg items up. So from now on Digg will be able to suggest to you, only the items that you really would like to see (mrbabyman all the way!).


I did however encounter a bug, to which I filed a report. If you try to load more items than there are currently in the system, you get an error stating that there are no more items, but the loading never quits and still shows up as a click-able link. So there are still some kinks to work out, but I for one think this is a great way to stay ahead of the rest!

– Update –

Another bug was discovered. When clicking to add a link to your account (like adding my website to mine), if you press after typing in your web address, the form does not submit. Instead the page refreshes and you lose your previous entry you typed in. The only way to submit the form it to actually click the button.