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Generating Docs from Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows for App Scripts to be ran which can provide robust, custom automatic reporting. The example outlined below may require some customization of code, but that could be made more efficient with some effort. Turning the App Script into an Add-on also allows for sharing report creation with others. An example could be running a report of expenditures from a Sheet filled with expenses. It’s possible to run a report from a Sheet so that Docs are automatically generated.

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Tips to Growing a Developer Team Effectively

At some point a successful engineering team will be faced with growth. Growth is a critical path that will bring stress and complications to a team. Growth is a factor for risk and making mistakes can corrupt the culture and bring a project to a halt. The following are a few tips to help avoid issues.

Teams will be made or broken by communication. If communication fails, and trust is abandonded, the team would have been better off if they hired no one.

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Fixing GIT Branch and Tag Name Collisions

A basic understanding in Git is that Tags are aliases to a commit hash (A single entry in the history of commits) whereas a Branch is the name for a diverged chain of commits that share a common history and ancestor. Confusion can be had when assuming a branch is always the HEAD, or most recent, commit in the fork of the code. While this can be true, this is not what a Branch represents and may lead to Tags being used interchangeably with Branches. When Tags and Branches are both used, they give flexibility to teams to share commit history and easily communicate important changes in code, but naming them similarly will lead to collisions if not well thought out.

Take care naming tags and branches to keep from confusing Git

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Updating this blog

Earlier in the year, the Geedew blog was going through a bit of downtime. Mostly this was caused by the incorrect installation of Wordpress settings. Geedew.com is deployed and ran with Ansible, and Wordpress was simply too much for how little is actually hosted here. Also, Geedew.com was slow and quite ugly. Not exactly amazing work for a professional web developer. The server needed to move and new things needed to be tried.

Wordpress must be removed.

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The importance of processes

What’s the first step taken to any project, whether at home or at work? Is it an idea? A problem that requires a solution? A request from an associate? How is it that this project takes the next step and eventually comes to a conclusion? What is the next step?

Something comes next, or nothing gets done

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