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Catching Property Validation in Vue with Jest

I ran into an interesting problem. I encountered a having to test a component that didn’t have a required property set. This then throws an error and it’s not obvious as to how to test this.

console.error node_modules/jest-mock/build/index.js:711
[Vue warn]: Missing required prop: "tasks"

found in

---> <Anonymous>

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What does unsafe-perm in npm actually do?

I’ve routinely been directed to what feels like a magic fix to issues when installing items over NPM. The issue that I’ve most recently encountered occurs in two different OS’s; Windows and Elementary. When attempting to install Sindre Sorhus’ Pure ZSH theme both in Ubuntu WSL and Elementary Loki, I have issues with not having permissions.

The solution seems to be almost the same in both cases.

$> npm config set unsafe-perm true

What exactly is this doing? Is it ‘unsafe’?

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Creating a Sticky Header with Bulma CSS

Bulma CSS is a library that uses the flex standard to create modern layouts. One thing that is does well is to allow extension of the library by defining some common rules to follow. A pattern that happens quite a bit is to have a ‘footer’ of content that is at the bottom of a page no matter how little content is on the page but will scroll below the content if there is more than one screen’s worth.

Some calls this a ‘sticky’ footer (not to be confused with ‘fixed’).

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Creating a basic interface pattern in NodeJS

The interface pattern is rarely understood and almost never used in JavaScript. On a large project or in a big team, interfaces provide a critical abstraction and the maintaining and use of them is something that Architects or Lead will focus on as a tool to keep code quality known and functionality expected. JavaScript does not yet have this basic functionality as it’s not an Object Oriented Programming language. Instead, it leans and most code in the wild is leaning, toward the Functional Programming behaviors of JavaScript. Interface patterns are still useful and it’s fairly easy to created something in JavaScript that contains the proper abstractions to benefit the code that helps a project.

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Sharing SSH With WSL

The WSL on Windows 10 is a new tool to run Linux commands and Linux dristibutions. More to the point, Windows finally has a mostly working bash environment that works with the CLI tools developers have embraced. Just like any tool that is of use, some things must be done to set them up appropriately. Sharing SSH keys is one of those things that you need to setup to use effectively.

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