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Displaying and escaping characters in Hexo

Hexo has a simple method for displaying characters that need to be escaped; using the raw and endraw tags. It’s possible to use the backtick character provided by Markdown to display the special characters and Hexo provides the {% raw %} {% endraw %} option to capture raw information not to be interpreted by Hexo, but hexo cannot support all strings. Like in the case of mixing the backtick ` statements provided by Markdown. The trick to be able to display any backticks (`) is a combination of the raw and endraw as well as using multiple backticks.

# Here is a codeblock using 3 backticks

# Render a backtick in Hexo
``{% raw %} `{% endraw %}``

# Rendering {% raw %} and {% endraw %} in Hexo
`{% raw %} {% {% endraw %}{% raw %}raw %} {% {% endraw %}{% raw %}endraw %}{% endraw %}`