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ES6 Module Gotchas

Updated for 2018

Now that ES6 has a finalized module definition (Right now still in draft phase Out of draft phase! And some new ones coming.), I’ve gone through and found some of the things that stick out to me as ‘need to knows’. It’s helpful to keep these few things in mind when working with the new module syntax.

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Modernizing Web Application JavaScript

Refactoring is a process of revisiting code and attempting to make it ‘better’. The code is no longer useful due to its age, functionality, or preference and it has been decided to be replaced with an equal set of ‘better’ code. At no point does a developer learn the best way to refactor code. Refactoring is a skill learned through experience. JavaScript refactoring is notoriously hard due to scope and dynamic accessing of object properties. There is a clear pattern, however, that can be followed that promotes success and is pragmatic.

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