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Cross-Console for Better Logging in JavaScript

During web app development, there is little reason to need to handle a cross-browser console interface. In fact, most users today will have no issue if something does get sent to a console while they are browsing (where in the past it could be a JavaScript error event). Unfortunately, when working on a team or in an unfamiliar browser, sometimes sending something to the console while debugging is useful but never gets cleaned up (but in reality you should be debugging with [breakpoints](http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=how+to+set+breakpoint+javascript)). Proper code-review prior to a using code in a production scenario should catch the mistake, but it’s smart to always have that automated backup to protect the code. A quick, robust script will give you full control and blockage of any wild console as well as give you some flexibility to control the console easier using environments and modes.

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Console Log being Controlled

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