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Because, I play chess

I recently passed a job offer to a friend who gave the offer consideration, but decided that they were better suited with their current direction. Indirectly related, I also found myself two years ago facing the same choice, and two years prior the same exact choice. In my case, I took the offer both times. I was newly married with very little bills and out of college. At that point taking a risk was not a bad choice, as it is now with multiple loans and a baby. Life makes risk harder to swallow.

You know that 'sweep the pieces off the board and see it in your mind' thing? Doesn't work.
XKCD 232

The assumption that I blindly jumped into the new jobs however, is way off target. The same approach has played out in my code development strategies. I may make what seems like a risky choice that later, pays off nearly every time. It’s not random. I saw the jobs and code requirements coming; because, I play chess.

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