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The new Digg, V4: Quick Review

I’m a reader of Digg.com. What can I say? I like to hear the quirky stories sometimes and when I come across something intelligent, it makes me feel more like I’m learning. So when the new Digg was dropped into Beta testing, you bet that I was all over that. See some screen-shots after the jump.

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Dropbox on Lucid: Missing GUI? Fix it now!

Dropbox is great and their support is phenomenal. Recently I have been having issues after upgrading to Lucid Lynx. It’s been a large bother on me because I use Dropbox a ton in my personal use. On my development server, I’m running Ubuntu 10.04 64 Desktop version, and I rely on Dropbox to keep my files in sync, including my programs that I write. However, after upgrading, I noticed that Dropbox was ‘missing’. It no longer appeared in the notification applet in the menu system. It was still in the Menu, but when I clicked it ‘nothing’ occurred! Well I solved the issue, with a little help from the Dropbox forums.

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