Week 5 Reading Roundup

This week was very light on the reading. Much work getting done and a lot of distractions. However, quality over quantity for sure.

Delivering on an architecture strategy


  • I’ve gone through much of this already. The three steps to what is described as a Strategic Architectural Initiative is nice, but feels like very shallow advice. Hoping to read more on this topic to understand the details. May be useful.

Career Growth Frameworks in Software Engineering: A Review


  • A line from “Evolutionary Architecture” by Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons and Patrick Kua comes to mind, “The more reusable something is, the less usable it is.”
  • In contrast to the Peter principle, which assumed promotions were granted out of a genuine desire to recognize and reward performance, we have the Dilbert Principle. Coined in the mid 90’s, it supposes that promoting the incompetent into management is the most effective way to get them out of the way of the people who do the ‘real work’. I.e — the developers and software engineers.

Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave.
— Eliyahu M. Goldratt

  • This post is filled with valuable information. It validates a lot of the feelings I have faced in roles and companies. In retrospect, I know that I probably pushed for the traditional hierarchy when in a flat role structure. An implicit flat structure is an issue and it always needs to be explicit. This article provides an immense resource for all readers

US Court Full Legalized Website Scraping


  • This is some important news that make change a lot of the behaviors online. For instance, it’s quite possible that many sites will take the approach of setting up logins to get access to the page data.

Application Inspector


  • This is definitely in a V1 mode. The setup was easy, but getting detailed information from it seems very simple. I’m not sure it’s in a usable form at this point. However, maybe in the coming years it will become the go-to tool.


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